Sunday, February 28, 2010

News on the Fergus kids (out of Spellbound American Endeavour)

Well we finally made our mind, the Dark face boy was placed in a lovely pet home and Light face boy, now called "Angus" is definitely too small for US/Canada show ring. We are offering him for sale to a show home in Europe/ Scandinavia / etc. as it would be a shame to put him in a pet home as he is such a striking & promising young boy. His pedigree would make a great addition to any European bloodlines... Anyway, hopefully he will be a lucky boy! Saturday we went to Michigan and decided to bring back those 2 boys' litter sister. She has the right outline to bring me a step closer to this elusive ideal in my head... I decided to call this little girl "Agathe" (pronounce Agat) a nice French name that represents well her extreme "cuteness" factor. Her registered name will be Spellbound's Forget Me Not :-) She will stay here, as a forever home.

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