Wednesday, February 10, 2010

N litter is born!!

Today, February 10, 2010, Luciole gave birth to 8 healthy puppies!
Luciole is Ch.Forgetmenot Famously.

The proud sire is our young Salem: Forgetmenot Kurume.
This is an interesting mix of "Plumcreek Come Fly With Me" (Luciole sire) and Sportingfield Hot Topic (Salem sire). This is also our first linebred on our beautiful Juliette (Ch. Be The One at Forgetmenot, who is on the dam side of both parents). This is also the first time we use one of our males to sire a litter....
Lots of "first"!!! So lots of HOPE!! ;-)

There are 4 boys and 4 girls.
  • One all black like daddy (a male).
  • Two parti black & white (a male and a female).
  • Two irish marked brindle and white (a male and a female)..
  • The rest are brindle and white partis.

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