Sunday, August 29, 2010

Successful summer for Forgetmenot Whippets !!!

What a successful summer for Forgetmenot Whippets!
  1. Aug 6 Canfield Ohio American Whippet Club Supported entry, GABBY (Am.Can.Ch. Forgetmenot Gabrielle's Beauty - pictured below) finishes her USA championship in grand-style by winning WB and BOW under breed specialist Mrs. Connie Alexander for a huge 5 point major. Entry of appr. 110 whippets. Thank you Shelley for wonderful care and handling of Gabby during her USA campaign!
  1. Aug 7 Canfield Ohio American Whippet Club Midwest specialty, SALEM (Forgetmenot Kurume - pictured below) is awareded WD for a huge 5 point major, under breeder-judge Mrs. Wendy Gay!

  1. Aug 7 Canfield Ohio American Whippet Club Midwest specialty, SIBELLE (Am.Ch. Forgetmenot Kimono) is awarded 3rd Award of Merit, handled by owner Shelley Kruger. Breeder-judge Mrs. Wendy Gay.

  1. Aug 7 Canfield Ohio American Whippet Club Midwest specialty, CHEEKIE (Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw - pictured below) is awarded Best Puppy In Specialty!! Handled by our good friend Kim Pritchard. Breeder-judge Mrs. Wendy Gay. Thank you Mrs. Gay for these very exciting wins!

  1. Aug 27 American Whippet Club North-West specialty, SIBELLE (Am.Ch. Forgetmenot Kimono) is awarded FIRST Award of Merit and GABBY (Am.Can.Ch. Forgetmenot Gabrielle's Beauty) is awarded SECOND Award of Merit!!!!
Wow, what a summer!!!!!!!

Photo of the day

Pictured above from left to right: Shadow (10), Carmen (2), Adele (7) and Juliette (12).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BOB at the Canadian Whippet National!!!!!!!!!

We are so proud to announce to the world that on July 3rd 2010, at only 9 months old and shown from the BBE class, our little Cheekie (Ch. Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw) sweeps the entire Canadian Whippet National show by winning WB, BOW, Best Puppy and BOB under respected international breeder-judge Thomas Munch (Flic Flac Whippets)! Entry 70+ whippets!! We cannot be more proud of our little orange tigress!!!! Thank you Lorraine for helping make this dream come true!! Cheekie is co-bred, co-own and co-loved by myself and Lorraine Burch, Jetstream whippets. Show picture to come!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The month of June

Spring has been quiet for us.

Our Gabby (Ch. Forgetmenot Gabrielle's Beauty) is now in the USA with Shelley Kruger (Fanfare whippets) where she will be shown this summer to finish her American championship title. Two weeks ago she won 2 points. Thank you Shelley for the great care!

Otherwise for us, not too many dog shows, except one, last weekend June 12-13, where our 2 co-bred Henry X Gaia daughters (Ch. Talk of the Nation de Sud X Ch. Forgetmenot Glamore), were shown at a Canadian whippet specialty, where:
a) Jetstream Butterscoth Ripple won BOB from the 6-9 months old class (entry of 42 whippets, including top US special)! That was an very exciting win;
b) her sister Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw won the next day RWB from the bred-by class in strong competition, this was also a hound specialty (see our dog page to see pictures of this girl).

Both girls have ads on Ewhippetzine if you want to see them.

Yesterday we took a walk with our old 12 years old Juliette and her 3 triple-trouble 4.5 months old great grand-kids. As you can see she has her hands (paws) full!!!
(she is the second one from the right)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

N litter at 11.5 weeks

Forgetmenot Joska Narcisse "Carlos"

Forgetmenot Joska Napoleon "Leo"

Forgetmenot Joska Nanette "Nanette"

Forgetmenot Joska Nemesis "Suzette"

Forgetmenot Joska Nefertiti "Rosette"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

N litter at 9 weeks

This are the last time we take pictures of the entire "N" litter as 4 littermates are going to homes tomorrow Monday... (Thank you to Jodi and Kim to help me make very difficult decisions and helping with pictures).

Below (male 1): Forgetmenot Joska Nashville (owner: Sophie Pruneau):

Below (male 2): Forgetmenot Joska Nightlife (owners: Tracy and Karl Hawes)

Below (male 3): Forgetmenot Joska Napoleon (owners: Forgetmenot & Joska)

Below (male 4): Forgetmenot Joska Narcisse (owners: Forgetmenot & Joska):

Below (girl 1): Forgetmenot Joska Naturally (owner: Louise De Angelis):

Below (girl 2): Forgetmenot Joska Nanette (owners: Forgetmenot & Joska):

Below (girl 3): Forgetmenot Joska Nemesis (owners: Forgetmenot & Joska):

Below (girl 4): Forgetmenot Joska Nefertiti (is available):

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ch. Forgetmenot Glamore's 2 beautiful daughters @ Jetstream

The weather is finally a lot nicer here in Canada so I decided to go see the 2 girls that Lorraine Burch and I kept from the Henry X Gaia litter. (Henry being the beautiful Ch. Talk of The Nation de Sud and Gaia being Ch. Forgetmenot Glamore)... Last time I saw the 2 girls, they were 3 months old and it was the winter so I could only see them in the house. So I was very happy to finally be able to go see them today. My god, I wasn't disappointed! What beautys they are! Both of them striking, different, both soooo striking. I can predict and mark my words here, that both these girls will have a "shiny" future!!

Below Jetstream Butterscotch Ripples

Below Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw (co-owned with Lorraine and I)

Friday, April 2, 2010

N litter: Individual pictures at 7 weeks

Here they are at 7 and half weeks... Start to see something.... I have 4 days off over the Easter holiday so I will take most of this time looking at them on all angles trying to figure out "who's stayin' and who's goin'!!!!"

Below (male 1): Forgetmenot Joska Nashville "Nash":

Below (male 2): Forgetmenot Joska Nightlife "Snoopy":
Below (male 3): Forgetmenot Joska Napoleon "Leo":

Below (male 4): Forgetmenot Joska Narcisse:

Below (girl 1): Forgetmenot Joska Naturally:

Below (girl 2): Forgetmenot Joska Nanette:

Below (girl 3): Forgetmenot Joska Nemesis "Suzy":

Below (girl 4): Forgetmenot Joska Nefertiti:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

N litter: individual pictures at 3.4 weeks

Male 1 (Forgetmenot Joska Nashville)

Male 2 (Forgetmenot Joska New Yorker)

Male 3 (Forgetmenot Joska Napoleon)

Male 4 (Forgetmenot Joska Narcisse)

Female 1 (Forgetmenot Joska Niagara)

Female 2 (Forgetmenot Joska Nanette)

Female 3 (Forgetmenot Joska Nemesis)

Female 4 (Forgetmenot Joska Nefertiti)